Welcome to the GATF homepage!

January 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

Since 2003, Georgia Transformers Fans has operated solely on Yahoo Groups with the new Facebook group opening this past summer. Ever since 2003, however, the idea of a GATF web page has always around. Well, after a long time of sitting on the idea, here it is. The new GATF web page.

Right now, we are utilizing WordPress as the solution for our hosting needs now. GATF has always been a free fan group, and one way to make sure never asking for donations is to keep our operations as low-cost as possible. With that in mind, our new web page is on a free server for the time being. However as this is the year 2010, free web hosting isn’t a bad thing. Long gone are the days of Geo Cities (which I did originally plan on using for a group web page) style pages with their limited resources. With our new home here on WordPress, we have a bit of stuff for group use! Add that in with other dynamic free web resources and we’ve got the potential for something great!

The plans are to bring GATF back to its glory days again, and using this page as a hub for group activity is the general idea. I need to choose new group officers for help with managing the group. Anybody willing to volunteer, please comment or contact me through either the FB group or the mail list.

Also, if you have any fan works you’d like to show off here on the new fan page, please feel free to speak up! This new page needs some content, and the best way is for fans to send some!

In closing, thanks for stopping by, and I hope to see this site grow as part of the best regional Transformers fan club ever. GATF!


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