Searching for GATF Spotters!

January 25, 2010 § Leave a comment

Hey guys and gals! (Do we have any gals out there?)

We’ve added a new page to the navigation called: Sightings. This page is for everyone to share and help others locate those bots they are unable to find whether it is their local retailers stocking habits, the latest scalper sweep, or even cause they gave the last one to a younger Transformer fan!

We want to know what you find the more detail the better!

Leave a comment under the Sighting page or email us at:

Please include the following in your comment/email submissions:

  • Toy Line
  • Name of Figure
  • Location (Store Name, City Name, Address would be awesome)
  • Price (whether it’s a special, on sale, regular, etc)
  • Approximate Quantity (a lot, very few, hundreds, four, etc)
  • If it is an Exclusive or Not
  • Pictures (if possible)

We will also be taking submissions for the first wave of GATF Spotters at however we will also be making GATF Spotters out of folks who report up to five sightings! GATF Spotters will be able to actively add map coordinates and will focus on sightings at Retail locations (Wal-mart, Toys’R’Us, Walgreens, etc) around Georgia.

Collectible shops, independent mall stores, vintage toy outlets, random flea market stalls if your out there we wanna know about you too! Please email us at so we can get you listed!


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