Buy vs No Buy: N.E.S.T. Brawn

February 14, 2010 § 1 Comment

While out and about for Valentine’s Day the wife and I stopped into a Target way off our usual beaten path. However per the usual routine we ended up in the toy aisle and discovered a number of NEST figures, one of which was Brawn here.

Now in the packaging is plain ordinary brown, brown green-ish truck. Turn the package over and well your greeted with a rather awesome looking robot. I couldn’t resist picking him up, especially with the wifely encouragement.

Now the truck has a lil’turret on top and the green-brown paint job, plain styling with some various unpainted molded features like roll bars or bits of armor plating. However when you get to the alt-mode is where they really did Brawn sweet justice. He comes armored and armed to the teeth, I mean he’s the first transformer I’ve had that transformed with weapons in hand! Now while Brawn is fantastic he does have a bit of kibble hanging off the back that can make standing him up a bit of a challenge and does limit some of his pose ability. This doesn’t however undermine the overall awesomeness of this figure.

So don’t let the plain truck fool, this is a figure worth owning! This is a definite Buy.


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