War for Cybertron releases on June 22nd

April 14, 2010 § 1 Comment

War for Cybertron releases on June 22nd, however like most games there is a pre-order through Gamestop with an exclusive Multiplayer skin of Shockwave available for those who do indeed put up the cash in advance. But is it worth it?

There are no reviews regarding the game itself, tformers.com has had a good look at what is in store but it’s not quite the same as putting your hands on it. As fans we all want the game to be awesome and blow the reviews out of the water, cause let’s face it if the game is a hit then the fandom will grow and we’ll get move of what we love. The biggest BUT has been that no Transformer game to date has ‘wowed’ the general gaming public and has even let down some of even the hardcore fans. Whether it’s some detail as a fan we cannot over look or cause simply it’s a really horrible game that just isn’t enjoyable or in some cases even playable.

Again we have hope for a fun and enjoyable presentation that still captures our hearts as fans but still feeds us as gamers. I myself have teetered on the brink of a pre-order so I’d like to know have many of you have pre-ordered? Or are you waiting to see the fallout first?

UPDATE: Welp I broke down and put a pre-order in at GameStop for the Xbox 360 version. Time will tell…


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§ One Response to War for Cybertron releases on June 22nd

  • BumblebeeZ3 says:

    Preordered PS3 version at Amazon (Demolishor looks cool, and I like the free shipping plus the preorder price guarantee.)
    I really enjoyed the ROTF game, probably more than the movie.

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