TF Merch Sightings About Town

September 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

The following non-transforming Transformers items (mostly for children) were sighted during the last two weeks of September 2010 at Wal-Mart and Toys-R-Us stores northeast of Atlanta, and might be of interest to those who collect TF odds & ends (or have kids/young relatives who might be into TFs too).

– Non-Halloween ROTF Bumblebee and Prime child masks [Wal-Mart]:

– ROTF Optimus Prime “Cyber Sword” [Wal-Mart]:

– ROTF Optimus Prime piñata [Wal-Mart] (this has actually been out for a while, but it’s too… photogenic to pass up sharing here):

– ROTF Party Favor Pack [Wal-Mart] (if you’re looking for TF-themed party stuff, BTW, Party City locations generally have the best selection by far — and check out the adult-sized Prime gloves on the website!):

– None of the ROTF Bumblebee and Prime children’s Halloween costumes seen below are new, but just in case you haven’t seen them [Wal-Mart]:

– This ROTF Trick-or-Treat bag, however, is new to me [Wal-Mart]:

– This ROTF non-Halloween Optimus Prime child’s costume was also new to me. The Bumblebee one’s been out for a long while, but this was my first time seeing this one in stores. [Wal-Mart] (And my apologies for the out-of-focus photos.):

– The new ROTF “Stealth Force” toys are kinda… meh, but the kid in me can’t help but like this honkin’ huge “Speed Stars” Lights & Sounds Bumblebee [Toys-R-Us]:

– The die-cast metal Transformers RPMs Metal Heroes Series cars have been kind of “wish fulfillment” for me since they combine my childhood-favorite toys: Hot Wheels/Matchbox cars and Transformers. And now Hasbro has gone and re-packaged and re-issued them so obsessive-compulsive fans like me can buy them all over again [Toys-R-Us]:

– Select Toys-R-Us locations currently have their school supplies on deep discount, like these ROTF backpacks and lunchboxes which are currently 75% off original retail:

– And finally, Transformers have at last achieved pop culture status — they’ve been officially licensed to cash in on the “Silly Bandz” craze. (These were stocked in the jewelry/accessories section of Wal-Mart):


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