Deck The Halls With TF Merch

November 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

The following non-transforming Transformers items were sighted during November 2010 at Wal-Mart, Target and Toys R Us stores in the Atlanta area:

– ROTF Bumblebee knit hat [Wal-Mart]:

…and it also includes gloves:

– Not sure how “new” this ROTF backpack is, but the stock tag at this Target store showed the setting was done in late October:

– ROTF fruit snacks sighted at Big Lots:

– ROTF Bumblebee birthday banner, with light-up eyes!
This has been out for a while and in stock at both Wal-Mart and Party City, but I thought it was still worth mentioning. And note the size comparison to my hand in the second photo.

– Wal-Mart has 4 different ROTF birthday cards in stock as of this posting. Here’s two of the nicer ones — the dark Autobot symbol in the first one is heat-activated to reveal Prime’s vehicle mode, and the second one has an audio clip with the voice of Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime.

– TF Animated Band-Aids — these have been out for a long while, but if you haven’t seen them yet…


Also in stock at Toys R Us (and not pictured above) are three different 100-piece puzzle sets: ROTF Megatron, ROTF Bumblebee and Prime, and one featuring G1 artwork with a bonus Robot Heroes Optimus Prime figure.

– ROTF Bumblebee vs Megatron race track from the “Speed Stars” product line for TF RPM vehicles, and it includes an exclusive Bumblebee car. This is a new-ish set, and the Wal-Mart setting is from early October:

– One of Wal-Mart’s “Black Friday” specials was a display of $5 long-sleeve thermal shirts for men and boys. I could not find any men’s TF shirts left, but there were still boy’s shirts in stock featuring Bumblebee:

– These two boys’ pajama sets were sighted at JCPenny’s. There was also a Bumblebee set like the Prime set, but I wasn’t able to photograph it:

As for TF-themed Holiday merchandise, it’s minimal in comparison with the last few years. But here’s what has been sighted so far for 2010:

– ROTF wrapping paper — the Walmart gift wrap display picture shows red paper for the TF rolls, but the actual product is green:

Not pictured are ROTF Christmas gift tag stickers from Wal-Mart, because I didn’t have my camera with me at the time. But I haven’t seen those tags at any other locations since.

– ROTF Bumblebee mini-stocking [Wal-Mart]:

– ROTF “Fish ‘N Splash” Gift Set [Wal-Mart]:

…and sorry for the blurred photo, but you should still be amazed how much text is on the back of this gift set — so many directions, warnings and cautions it makes you wonder if it’s even safe to use:

– I’ve seen these ROTF ornaments in stock at Kmart and Target since the 2008 Holiday season, but this was my first time seeing them at Toys R Us. And the second set pictured below, by the way, is my favorite of all the TF ornaments I’ve seen released to date:

– ROTF Optimus Prime ornament from Target. Both the front and back are pictured below:

In Target’s stationery section, I found four different styles of ROTF stickers — all stocked with shelf tags dating early November. Here’s a group shot of the first three:

This dimensional-looking set is perhaps the nicest of the three pictured above, but due to the style they’re too easily damaged:

And this last one is unique enough that I think even adult collectors might want to own it: ROTF Bumblebee in vehicle mode as the collectible case with 154 stickers inside:

– Side view:

– Bottom view:

– Top view:

Next up, local sightings of knock-off and TF-esque toys galore.


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