HasbroToyShop.com Summer Sale

July 13, 2012 § Leave a comment

Hasbrotoyshop.com is doing a summer sale with clearance prices up to 60% off select items (expires July 29, 2012). The first 4 pages have items like DOTM Human Alliance Basics, Kre-Os, Activators and Star Wars TFs for $2-15 off the original retail price. Decent deals, but most of us in the Atlanta area have already seen cheaper clearance prices on these same items at Walmart and Target.

But then on page 5 there are finally some good deals:

Trilogy Prime w/ Trailer for $25 ($5 cheaper than Walmart)
Rescue Bots Optimus Prime for $10 ($3 off retail — come on… you know you want one of these!)
– Generations Deluxe Wheeljack, Kup & Warpath for $9 ea.
DOTM Leader Class Bumblebee for $36

Also still available via HTS:

TF Prime Bumblebee/Arcee Set (New York Comic-Con Exclusive) …or perhaps not so exclusive since it’s being offered on HTS. And I’m normally the first to dismiss most redecos, but Primus help me I love Bee as a NYC cab. Here’s a video review of this set courtesy of TF uber-fan “Peaugh”:

DOTM Mechtech Human Alliance Basic Drag Strip — this G1 homage redeco was very difficult to find in stores northeast of Atlanta. In fact, I never even saw one in a store.

TF Prime First Edition Bumblebee — Hasbro may NEVER get rid of all these so you should buy one out of pity. Or not.

I should add that Hasbrotoyshop.com offers “free standard shipping on most $50 order or more.” [That’s their typo, not mine.] And a bonus straight from Comic-Con: enter the code COMIC2012 and get a 10% discount on any HTS order (except HTS exclusives, naturally). Code expires July 31, 2012.

Thanks to “daimchoc” for the heads-up on the discount code via TFW2005.com.


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