Merch Alert: G1 Shirt Sightings

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Three of the four shirts below were sighted at Walmart stores in GA and TN the week of October 19th, 2014. The first three shirts are available in Ladies sizes only (the first two at Walmart and the third at Target), and the Megatron/Optimus Prime T-shirt is only in Boys’ sizes at Walmart.



Transformers Stuff at Dragon*Con 2012

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In the last 10 years, Transformers hasn’t had much presence at Atlanta’s Dragon*Con other than a fan panel on the Anime/Manga Track, an occasional TF-related media guest, and some random TF cosplayers.

Atlanta-area TF fans have attempted meet-ups since 2009, but turnout was extremely small. A GATF group meet-up is planned for D*Con 2012 and the date/time/place will be announced in late August 2012 via the official GATF Facebook page.

And there are actually some great TF-related media guests scheduled for 2012:

GARRY CHALK, voice of Optimus Primal in Beast Wars and Beast Machines as well as Optimus Prime in The Unicron Trilogy (Armada, Energon, Cybertron).

TARA STRONG, voice of Sari Sumdac, Teletran-1 and other characters on Transformers Animated.

ROB PAULSEN, voice of Air Raid and other incidental characters in Transformers Generation One.

ADAM BALDWIN, voice of Breakdown in Transformers Prime.

MATT FRANK: IDW comics artist who has worked on several Transformers titles.

JAMIE SNELL: Freelance illustrator who worked on IDW comics’ Transformers Beast Wars Source Book.

DAN JOLLEY: Wrote the Devils Due’s G.I. Joe vs Transformers II comic miniseries, and served as head writer on the War for Cybertron video game.

Be sure to bring your TF mint-in-box toys, DVDs, video games and comics and get them signed at the Walk of Fame and in the Artists Alley.

GATF member Craig “Voiceroy” Crumpton (yes, I’m referring to myself in third person) will be serving as moderator for the cartoon voice actor panels on D*Con’s Animation Track and also giving away TF-related swag during those panel events — including items autographed by Garry Chalk, Tara Strong, and Rob Paulsen. Craig has posted a comprehensive list of all the ‘toon voice actors appearing at the con via Summer Sale

July 13, 2012 § Leave a comment is doing a summer sale with clearance prices up to 60% off select items (expires July 29, 2012). The first 4 pages have items like DOTM Human Alliance Basics, Kre-Os, Activators and Star Wars TFs for $2-15 off the original retail price. Decent deals, but most of us in the Atlanta area have already seen cheaper clearance prices on these same items at Walmart and Target.

But then on page 5 there are finally some good deals:

Trilogy Prime w/ Trailer for $25 ($5 cheaper than Walmart)
Rescue Bots Optimus Prime for $10 ($3 off retail — come on… you know you want one of these!)
– Generations Deluxe Wheeljack, Kup & Warpath for $9 ea.
DOTM Leader Class Bumblebee for $36

Also still available via HTS:

TF Prime Bumblebee/Arcee Set (New York Comic-Con Exclusive) …or perhaps not so exclusive since it’s being offered on HTS. And I’m normally the first to dismiss most redecos, but Primus help me I love Bee as a NYC cab. Here’s a video review of this set courtesy of TF uber-fan “Peaugh”:

DOTM Mechtech Human Alliance Basic Drag Strip — this G1 homage redeco was very difficult to find in stores northeast of Atlanta. In fact, I never even saw one in a store.

TF Prime First Edition Bumblebee — Hasbro may NEVER get rid of all these so you should buy one out of pity. Or not.

I should add that offers “free standard shipping on most $50 order or more.” [That’s their typo, not mine.] And a bonus straight from Comic-Con: enter the code COMIC2012 and get a 10% discount on any HTS order (except HTS exclusives, naturally). Code expires July 31, 2012.

Thanks to “daimchoc” for the heads-up on the discount code via

Deck The Halls With TF Merch

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The following non-transforming Transformers items were sighted during November 2010 at Wal-Mart, Target and Toys R Us stores in the Atlanta area:

– ROTF Bumblebee knit hat [Wal-Mart]:

…and it also includes gloves:

– Not sure how “new” this ROTF backpack is, but the stock tag at this Target store showed the setting was done in late October:

– ROTF fruit snacks sighted at Big Lots:

– ROTF Bumblebee birthday banner, with light-up eyes!
This has been out for a while and in stock at both Wal-Mart and Party City, but I thought it was still worth mentioning. And note the size comparison to my hand in the second photo.

– Wal-Mart has 4 different ROTF birthday cards in stock as of this posting. Here’s two of the nicer ones — the dark Autobot symbol in the first one is heat-activated to reveal Prime’s vehicle mode, and the second one has an audio clip with the voice of Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime.

– TF Animated Band-Aids — these have been out for a long while, but if you haven’t seen them yet…


Also in stock at Toys R Us (and not pictured above) are three different 100-piece puzzle sets: ROTF Megatron, ROTF Bumblebee and Prime, and one featuring G1 artwork with a bonus Robot Heroes Optimus Prime figure.

– ROTF Bumblebee vs Megatron race track from the “Speed Stars” product line for TF RPM vehicles, and it includes an exclusive Bumblebee car. This is a new-ish set, and the Wal-Mart setting is from early October:

– One of Wal-Mart’s “Black Friday” specials was a display of $5 long-sleeve thermal shirts for men and boys. I could not find any men’s TF shirts left, but there were still boy’s shirts in stock featuring Bumblebee:

– These two boys’ pajama sets were sighted at JCPenny’s. There was also a Bumblebee set like the Prime set, but I wasn’t able to photograph it:

As for TF-themed Holiday merchandise, it’s minimal in comparison with the last few years. But here’s what has been sighted so far for 2010:

– ROTF wrapping paper — the Walmart gift wrap display picture shows red paper for the TF rolls, but the actual product is green:

Not pictured are ROTF Christmas gift tag stickers from Wal-Mart, because I didn’t have my camera with me at the time. But I haven’t seen those tags at any other locations since.

– ROTF Bumblebee mini-stocking [Wal-Mart]:

– ROTF “Fish ‘N Splash” Gift Set [Wal-Mart]:

…and sorry for the blurred photo, but you should still be amazed how much text is on the back of this gift set — so many directions, warnings and cautions it makes you wonder if it’s even safe to use:

– I’ve seen these ROTF ornaments in stock at Kmart and Target since the 2008 Holiday season, but this was my first time seeing them at Toys R Us. And the second set pictured below, by the way, is my favorite of all the TF ornaments I’ve seen released to date:

– ROTF Optimus Prime ornament from Target. Both the front and back are pictured below:

In Target’s stationery section, I found four different styles of ROTF stickers — all stocked with shelf tags dating early November. Here’s a group shot of the first three:

This dimensional-looking set is perhaps the nicest of the three pictured above, but due to the style they’re too easily damaged:

And this last one is unique enough that I think even adult collectors might want to own it: ROTF Bumblebee in vehicle mode as the collectible case with 154 stickers inside:

– Side view:

– Bottom view:

– Top view:

Next up, local sightings of knock-off and TF-esque toys galore.

Think they’re playing Mario Kart?

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TF Merch Sightings About Town

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The following non-transforming Transformers items (mostly for children) were sighted during the last two weeks of September 2010 at Wal-Mart and Toys-R-Us stores northeast of Atlanta, and might be of interest to those who collect TF odds & ends (or have kids/young relatives who might be into TFs too).

– Non-Halloween ROTF Bumblebee and Prime child masks [Wal-Mart]:

– ROTF Optimus Prime “Cyber Sword” [Wal-Mart]:

– ROTF Optimus Prime piƱata [Wal-Mart] (this has actually been out for a while, but it’s too… photogenic to pass up sharing here):

– ROTF Party Favor Pack [Wal-Mart] (if you’re looking for TF-themed party stuff, BTW, Party City locations generally have the best selection by far — and check out the adult-sized Prime gloves on the website!):

– None of the ROTF Bumblebee and Prime children’s Halloween costumes seen below are new, but just in case you haven’t seen them [Wal-Mart]:

– This ROTF Trick-or-Treat bag, however, is new to me [Wal-Mart]:

– This ROTF non-Halloween Optimus Prime child’s costume was also new to me. The Bumblebee one’s been out for a long while, but this was my first time seeing this one in stores. [Wal-Mart] (And my apologies for the out-of-focus photos.):

– The new ROTF “Stealth Force” toys are kinda… meh, but the kid in me can’t help but like this honkin’ huge “Speed Stars” Lights & Sounds Bumblebee [Toys-R-Us]:

– The die-cast metal Transformers RPMs Metal Heroes Series cars have been kind of “wish fulfillment” for me since they combine my childhood-favorite toys: Hot Wheels/Matchbox cars and Transformers. And now Hasbro has gone and re-packaged and re-issued them so obsessive-compulsive fans like me can buy them all over again [Toys-R-Us]:

– Select Toys-R-Us locations currently have their school supplies on deep discount, like these ROTF backpacks and lunchboxes which are currently 75% off original retail:

– And finally, Transformers have at last achieved pop culture status — they’ve been officially licensed to cash in on the “Silly Bandz” craze. (These were stocked in the jewelry/accessories section of Wal-Mart):

Mosaic: Weight Of The World

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